The EDI series

A stainless steel steam boiler of high quality and innovative design. The Jumag EDI is an electric steam boiler that produces high-quality steam – the EDI series is delivered with output from 28 kg/h to 500 kg/h and can also be used as a cascade system with several boilers with the flexibility and options it provides.

A steam boiler with modulating operation which is operated via a touch panel with self-explanatory texts in several possible languages. The Jumag EDI can be controlled manually, time-controlled or via a CTS system. The Jumag EDI is available with an integrated feed water tank and can optionally be supplied with automatic blow-down and desalination.

A Jumag EDI is compact so it only needs a little space, and it is flexible and can be moved as some models comes with wheels. Jumag’s entire product portfolio of accessories is available for the EDI series, and it can even be delivered as a compact system with blow-down tank and water treatment pre-assembled on a frame, as a complete “plug and play” system. EDI can also be delivered as a container plant with all the options this structure provides.

EDI has a lot of other smart functions and options and is particularly ideal for companies that have special purity requirements: E.g. the food industry, laboratories and the medical and pharma industry.

Jumag EDI360

The new EDI360 is an electric boiler made entirely from stainless steel with a performance of 500 kg/h at a maximum of 11 barg. Like the rest of the EDI-series, it is PLC-controlled and can be built in cascade systems. The new user-friendly boiler has a zero emission green steam production, typically up to 2T/H with a cascade of four boilers.