The DG series

With its ground-breaking design and thorough use of the highest quality components, the Jumag DG stands out in a league of its own. Energy efficiency of a minimum of 97% and with the possibility of condensing operation when using an additional economizer. Efficiency above 100% measured on lower calorific value is possible.

A time-saving start procedure where there is only approx. 8 minutes from standstill until the boiler is fully productive – at the same time, Jumag DG is intuitively easy to control via the boiler’s touch panel with self-explanatory text with the option of a language of your selection. It is possible to control and monitor the boiler via your favorite hand-held mobile devices. From Jumag, the DG series can be supplied with all components for a complete steam plant.

The DG series comes in 5 models with outputs from 160kg/h to 560kg/h and can also be delivered as: a cascade system, a compact boiler system with all components pre-assembled on a movable frame or as a container plant with up to 8 boilers.

This is how it works:

In the Jumag DG there is no heating coil or piston pump. The centrifugal pump is controlled by the water level measured in the evaporation chamber and the feed water tank is filled via the heat recovery spiral in the blowdown vessel and/or the economizer stage 2. The burner is regulated by the steam pressure. Via 3 passes, the energy is transferred to the water and the economizer reuses the flue gas energy to preheat the feed water. The special design and construction of the boiler body guarantees the best steam quality.